Larry Cheong was born in New Jersey, where he grew up in a small rural town surrounded by old growth deciduous forests. He studied photography at Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts, graduated with a BFA, and eventually moved to California's bustling Silicon Valley. His artistic tendencies were prevalent in preschool however, when he created an anatomically accurate clay triceratops. He was introduced to photography at 11, by his Father who taught him the basics of exposure and focus. Born with poor eyesight, it would be the camera that he would use to experience the world.
Nature has left a profound mark on Larry, and his artwork reflects this. Much of his inspiration comes from experiences found in the outdoors, both on land and below the water. Common subjects include flowers, trees, wildlife, and landscapes, but the underlying significance of these subjects is the same; to reflect on the natural wonder of the world.
Larry believes that artwork can develop a life and history of its own, brought on by those who view it, collect it, and pass it on. He believes that a good piece of art incites an emotion (good or bad) in the viewer that leads to a very personal relationship with the piece. His work attempts to showcase the natural world in an intimate and romantic light to develop this relationship. His use of size, color, and detail invites the viewer to step into a piece and initiate a personal dialog.
Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of Fine Art - BFA Photography - 2002
From Seed
Biospheric Orbs
2019 - Through a Plastic Lens, Coastal California
2018 - Me, China
2017 - Half Moon Bay Coastal Arts League - Transience - Half Moon Bay, CA. USA
2011 - Los Gatos Bird Watcher Photography Show - Anna's Hummingbird - Los Gatos, CA. USA
2011 - Cupertino Library - Les Flores - Cupertino, CA. USA
2002 - Mason Gross Galleries - Mmm, Mmm, Mmm! - New Brunswick, NJ. USA
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