Hello and welcome to my gallery! I'm an artist obsessed with small worlds, beyond our normal view, that exist in parallel to our lives; just out of sight. These could be imaginative or real moments hidden in the wondrously large world. I am heavily inspired by nature, surrealism, and the imagination. I believe that by elevating the details in these moments, we begin to experience a shift in our own perceived reality.
I hope my work inspires you to view the world in a slightly different way, to realize magic still exists, and to never stop daydreaming.
Larry Cheong was born in New Jersey, where he grew up in a small rural town surrounded by old growth deciduous forests. He studied photography at Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts, graduated with a BFA, and eventually moved to California's bustling Silicon Valley. 
Being born with poor eyesight created a disconnected perception of the world for Larry. The world evolved from blurs of color, form, and light into defined objects with the use of glasses and then rendered in even greater detail with contacts. His Father played a significant role in his artistic development, introducing him to photography and scale models at an early age; lesson still vividly remembered today. 
Larry's artwork explores an alternative reality by elevating details and moments that pass unnoticed in everyday life. He strives to make the imaginative feel real and the mundane multilayered. His photography is inspired by the natural world, and seeks to distill its inherent chaotic essence into a calm state of reflection. His miniatures depict imaginary scenes, characters, and locations, made into physical form to tell a story.
Larry is excited to continue exploring, testing, and redefining the boundaries of his perceived reality through new works utilizing 3D printing, Augmented Reality (AR), machine learning, and traditional media.
From Seed
Biospheric Orbs
2019 - Through a Plastic Lens, Coastal California
2018 - Me, China
2017 - Half Moon Bay Coastal Arts League - Transience - Half Moon Bay, CA. USA
2011 - Los Gatos Bird Watcher Photography Show - Anna's Hummingbird - Los Gatos, CA. USA
2011 - Cupertino Library - Les Flores - Cupertino, CA. USA
2002 - Mason Gross Galleries - Mmm, Mmm, Mmm! - New Brunswick, NJ. USA
Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of Fine Art - BFA Photography - 2002
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